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Futian Industrial Zone Dingnan County Ganzhou City Jiangxi Province China

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Jiangxi Xin Hongguang located in the "Guangdong and Guangdong portal, ecological Dingnan" Dingnan County Futian Industrial Zone. Covers an area of ​​more than 20 acres, the company in October 2015 Ganzhou City investment in the station. In February 2016 put into production, has now put seven production line production capacity of about 150MW, equipment annual output value of about 500 million yuan.
 The company's foreign business divided by PV modules, DC fans, solar-related products supporting the main products are exported to South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions. Domestic business to single polycrystalline photovoltaic modules, distributed power plants, photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects mainly market coverage of Jiangxi Province / cities and counties and Hainan / Guangxi and other regions. Has been built as Longtang Village photovoltaic demonstration sites, village poverty alleviation and other distributed projects. And with the Ganzhou Post Bank / land insurance to establish photovoltaic loans and property insurance business. The company through the perfect supplier chain (Gan Yue photovoltaic glass, Jiangxi Ruijing solar energy, music leaves). Through strict production quality control system and automation equipment, to ensure that each of our products quality and reliability. To ensure that the company meets the ISO system and TUV / CQC industry testing standards.
 Xin Hongguang bid in 2016 << Jiangxi Province at all levels of administrative institutions 2017 - 2018 annual procurement of crystal silicon photovoltaic module agreement supply >> project; and included in the Provincial Department of Finance Jiangxi Purchasing [2016] 51 document. For the Gannan region one of the largest component manufacturers. Companies adhere to the "quality of survival, in good faith and development" business philosophy. People - oriented, keep making progress, and constantly open up. Wholeheartedly with the majority of partners sincere cooperation, hand in hand.
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